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Some of the nice things folks have written to us...
Ultimately, this music is mostly about sharing -- sharing the feelings of the music together.
Without all of the wonderful folks so familiar with Stevie's music, there would be no way for us to have the incredible experiences we are having, and we thank them so very much for that.
Some of them have written some nice things to us, and we share them below...


Hi Alan,
This is Sal from Vacaville, from Friday night at Biscuits & Blues. I wanted to thank you for putting on a great show. Thank you for spending the time to discuss guitars, I would love to chat some more. Please let me know next time you're up around this way. I would love to come see you, and I would like to invite you over for dinner and some shop talk while you're up this way. Whether we ever get a chance to play together or not, you have a new fan, (actually two, my wife Sue thought you were amazing). You inspired me for my gig yesterday, so I played Tin Pan Alley, and Little Wing, I received many compliments afterwards, and all I could think of is how impressed I was with you and how I strive to play with such soul, and heart. Thank you for that.
-Sal R.

I'm honored to know you and see you as often as I can. I believe you are a consummate professional. Keep Stevie's legend and music alive. Your talent in your tribute to him is unmatched. You're a genuine dude -I know the difference. Best to you and your band.
Til the next time, friend and a #1 fan,
-Kurt C.

Just wanted to thank you for making such great music!!! My family and I had a blast at the SRV concert last Saturday night. It was totally worth the drive down to San Diego from the Bay Area. You guys made us feel special and very much appreciated. You are such an awesome musician and I am always inspired after watching you play! I'm going to try to catch you guys in SF when you come in November.
Thanks again, and hope to see you soon,
-Teresa G. and family

Hi Alan:
I just wanted to tell you how great the show was last Friday night. Each time I see you the show gets better and better. You really work your butt off to make sure that everyone has a great time. I think this is the sixth time I have seen you guys....from Cozy's in Sherman Oaks, to Henflings in the Santa Cruz Mountains, to finally, Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco. This time I brought my friend Debbie with me...and she absolutely thought you guys rocked the house. We stayed for both shows. I'll attach the picture that you so kindly let us take of you. Keep on doing what you do.....you are amazing. Thanks for so much entertainment!!
All the best,
-Terry M.

Hello and Happy Holidays! I am looking forward to your next month's gig.You and your band really hit the mark. I always heard a lot about you and when I saw you play, it was not a let-down. In the last few years I have seen quite a few so-called tribute bands, but most of them are just a rock band playing - or should I say - trying to play songs by some famous group. Most of the time they don't have the right gear, not enough vocals, and just not good enough chops to make it work. You guys kick a** on all points. Speaking as a musician it is great to see the dedication and hard work you have put into your show - and believe me, it comes through. Keep up the great work brother - you are an inspiration! I am sure Stevie is looking down and smiling that his music and his life are being carried on by people like you. See you next month,
- Toby D.

We loved your concert at Orange County Performing Arts Center. You guys did a fantastic job of playing with so much passion and so much love of Stevie's music. I have told all of my friends about how much my girlfriend and I enjoyed your show. We are looking forward to see you at the Pala Casino on the Dec.19. We really want to see you guys again. I'm 58 years old and am amazed of the talent you all have. Thank You!
-Gary H.

This is my first time writing to you after seeing you for the 8th time. I was at your first show at Constable Jacks three years back or so and have only missed a couple of shows since the original. Though I do enjoy the shows at Constable Jacks, I have to say that the best shows I have seen have been at the Power House Pub on Sunday afternoons. I dig the fact that you would play just as hard for 15 people who love and appreciate the music as you would 100 people. With that said the show on the 31st of July was one of the most complete and rock solid I have seen from any performer. When dancing with my girlfriend near the front of the stage during Rivera Paradise we felt as if you were playing that song directly to us. It just goes to show that even after a half-dozen shows I am still amazed at your stage presence and your ability to connect with every soul at a show.

Keep it Rocking in his honor!
- KC

THANK YOU!!! I can't get enough of you guys! I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I love it. I've never enjoyed a tribute or cover band in my life. A friend of mine by the name of Marc is the guitarist for 145th Street ( a blues band that plays at Patrick's) told me about you, becuase he knew I was a fan of Stevie. I told him I wasn't going to go. I said I've never enjoyed cheasy imitations and watching someone try to copy the talents of SRV would just anger me. He said, "No, you should go." I asked is this Alan Iglesias any good. He said, "He shreds." This statement coming from a fellow blues guitarist, I said I'll give it a shot. I was blown away and I can't get enough of it now. I've told my brother and father who are both SRV and Double Trouble fans as well. We will all three of us be at the next event and I'm just angry it's not sooner. Please keep it up and thanks for having a chat with my wife and I last week at Patrick's. See you soon and take care!
-Sean T.

Let me start by saying thank you. First, I was never much into Stevie Ray but after seeing you at Cozy's I was blown away by the music, you, and your band. Like I said Saturday night, you guys are are completely bad ass!! That being said I wanted to thank you for helping me ask my now fiance to marry me. I was very nervous and you just made it easy!! You are very personable and approachable, and my girl was blown away. I can't tell you enough how we will never forget what you did for us...Thank you again, may God bless you, you are one of the good guys!!
Colen and Lucrese

We were at Patrick's on 2/28th celebrating my birthday and that is when we met you for the first time ;), we had an awesome time listening to your music! You have no idea how much fun we had, it was my birthday that night and I kid you not, we had no idea you were playing until the night before. On Friday night the bartendar told us you were gonna be playing Saturday night AND OUR PLANS WERE SET! Plus, we had never met you before.....God just decided to give me a wonderful gift that night and that was your music. You're sooo lucky to be blessed with such a passionate soul and be capable of expressing it through your amazing music. Cheers to that! One thing I know for sure is that from now on you can go ahead and add me and the rest of my family to your list of forever fans....cause you will definitely will see me again in your audience! See ya next month,
-Elizabeth P.

I just wanted to say you put on a great show at Pala Casino on Saturday night…too brief of a show but great one none the less….I would have easily paid $40-$50 a ticket. I could never figure out how Stevie could play the way he did for hours on stage without hand cramps and I have never seen anyone be able to capture the feelings he put into his songs, but you did it! You looked like you were really enjoying yourself and really feeling the music….Great Job! ….Keep doing what you’re doing….keep Stevie’s music alive and if I ever see you heading to Houston my Uncle will be there to see you.
-Keith G.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say what a great time my friends and I had at the show last night 12/6 at the Mojo Lounge. You have an amazing tribute and I've got to tell you you're spot on with tone and the way you just attack the guitar! I was lucky enough to see SRV 3 times and you've got it. The hendrix stuff was awesome as well - Red house is one of my personal favorites. I have been to well over 100 shows and concerts and your playing ranked up there with the best of them. Many famous big named guys with fast fingers and fancy effects and what not. But it always comes back to the love of the music and you can not fake that, well at least I like to think you can't. You did more than just play the songs, which you did to a T but more than that you played with the true heart and soul of a true bluesman. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and mentioning me before Riviera paradise - it was great. How else can I say it - you freaking rock!
See you in January at JJ's,

Alan (& band!),
I caught your show last night at JJ's in San Jose and I gotta tell ya, you rocked the house. I was a little skeptical at first - SRV is a hero to myself and a lot of other people - and while I wasn't quite sure what to expect, the feeling you put into every single note soon convinced me you weren't just another Stevie Ray cover band. It's pretty obvious that you put your heart and soul into your shows, and the dedication and energy (not to mention talent) you put out there takes you to a level I rarely see these days. I'm really glad I caught your show. What an awesome tribute - and fitting testament to one of the greatest American bluesmen that ever lived. Thanks for keeping a little bit of Stevie alive for those of us who can't follow where he's gone just yet...
Thanks again for such a great show-
A lifelong fan,

Thank you for the info regarding Craig's book. Bruce and I always enjoy seeing you play wherever we get to see you - from San Diego to Folsom, CA. You've done so much to keep this music alive, all SRV fans owe you. Your shows are genuine and driven with the same fervor that Stevie put into his music. We had the chance to see him play a few times. We'll see you again soon :)

Hello Alan,
I must say you certainly made my birthday celebration the biggest highlight in my life. Everybody called me the next day to tell me what a great time they had and how much they were blown away by you and your boys. You guys just totally rocked the house. I especially loved it while you were playing I stepped back and watched all the faces in the crowd. They were all just hypnotized by you -- it was awesome. Alan, that truly was one of the best nights of my life and I will enjoy going over and over the story of that night with my family and friends. So let me just thank you Alan for making that night one for the books. I hope to see you again this weekend for sure so I can thank you personally and of course enjoy the show. Take care and God Bless!
-Your friend, Paul R.

Wow, you guys are fantastic!!!!!!!! You're just amazing and Ray and I enjoyed your show! We did stay until you played Foxy Lady then half way through the song we had to leave. We had to drive all the way back to Malibu and then work the next morning :( We look forward to seeing you again soon. It's late and I just got home from work again...I just wanted to write a quick note to you and let you know what a great time we had!! We are already putting the word out for those that love the blues to come out and see you guys.
Natalie and Ray

Hi Alan!
I had a great time seeing/meeting you Saturday night. Your band is the best time and you are a great guy! Thanks for a fabulous evening! We really enjoyed you!!! I want to bring more people to see you....you do the music proud.
All the best,
-Lisa F.
PS - Thanks for playing Little Wing for me, it was beautiful.....You rule! What an EXCELLENT guitarist you are!

I went to the show Saturday night at the OC Pavilion and all I can say is "WOW!" I am a huge SRV fan and I missed an opportunity to see him and I'm still kicking myself for it. At your show I put myself in the mindset that I was seeing SRV and I was truly amazed by what I saw. Thank you for doing what you do and I hope you continue to do it. Whenever you're in Southern California, I'll be coming to see Crossfire, you guys are incredible! Please put me on your mailing list.
Thanks again,
-Don B.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the show at The OC Pavilion was amazing!!! Every one of you guys brought out the heart and soul of Stevie's music that night. Texas Flood was one of many highlights for me, that guitar was screaming and singing all night. Alan my friend I saw you at cozy’s before so I knew you could bring it… but last night you really brought it! I can’t say enough about the rhythm section, especially the bass and drum solo part, very impressive and charismatic.
Overall I just wanted to let you guys know that you’re very much appreciated and know that what you guys do is no easy task nor can just anyone do it. So take care and may Christ’s blessings be with you and your families.
P.S. we hope you guys don’t wait too long to visit us again.
-Danny M.

Thanks for the fantastic show once again. We enjoy watching you guys play so much. We met in San Diego last night and wanted to know about booking you guys at our wedding. The wedding will be in september and what a treat to have you guys share a special night with us to make even more memorable. Let me know if that is something you guys even do and what the cost would be. Thanks again for the spectacular show!
-Amy and Brad

Saw you and the band again last Saturday at JJ's, and really enjoyed your show. I went with 7 other people and told them they were in for a great night of music. Needless to say all my friends were greatly impressed. They all said you were awesome. See you again when you return to northern California, or we head down your way. Take care, stay well.
-Raymond G.

You may remember me & my friends from your last show at Constable Jacks in Newcastle Ca. We are looking forward to the next show.The first time I saw you it put tears in my eyes. Tears of sadness ran out my left eye for having lost SRV in his prime and tears of joy ran out my right eye for getting the chance to experience what it must have been like to see SRV in the front row of a small venue. Amazing accuracy, right down to the subtle body movements. See you at the next show, and the next show, and the next show!
-Randall S.

I had the pleasure of catching your show yesterday at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach. I expected to see just another tribute band, but I was truly impressed. I'm a bass player and I can't tell you how many guitarists I've met that say, "Yeah, I play a lot of Texas blues, I can play Stevie." Those types usually don't have a clue. I've covered a lot of songs in a lot of bands, but I've also refused to play material by artists like Stevie and Brian Setzer if it can't be done well. I have too much respect for those guys to play their material in a half-assed way.
I read the San Diego Reader interview on your website and commend you for living up to what you said about "playing from the heart" and doing "an authentic and respectful tribute."
I know most of the people at the show yesterday weren't musicians or hardcore SRV fans, but they all enjoyed the performance because the three of you entertained them and you had a good time...and that's what counts. How Stevie-like is that? I only wish I had met you when you were auditioning bass players or could find a guitarist with your ability and passion.
One more thing, it was refreshing to hear you acknowledge your rhythm section ("No matter how good a guitar player might be, without a blazing rhythm section you are nothing.) You're a class act, Alan, and you've put a great team together. I wish you continued success. Keep up the great work. I'm sure I'll see you again.
Thanks for the show,
-Jim M.

My girlfriend and I saw you at Patrick’s II in San Diego, and let me tell you that you guy’s ripped that place apart. I am a huge fan of SRV, and you all got it down. I just wanted to ask if you ever play ‘ The sky is crying ‘. I’m going to see you again at My Buddy’s Place in the Imperial Valley 11/18/2006.Keep rockin those blues...
-Gilbert R.

Hi. We just saw you guys Saturday night at Patricks II. It was my friend Johnny's birthday. He was so happy that you were playing on his day. We had a blast. you so totally rocked! He raved about that show to everyone he's seen since. I can still remember the summer I discovered and fell in love with Stevie Ray Vaughan. I was out of school and on my own for the first time in my life. My college sweetheart was gone for work for the summer. That Double Trouble cassette was really good company and I wore it out. I even mailed a fan letter to Stevie Ray that summer to tell him how much his music meant to me. That's the only fan letter I've ever wrote. It wasn't that much longer after that that I heard about his death and our loss. It sucks so much when the good die young. I never had the opportunity to see Stevie Ray perform live. Thanks so much for keeping his music alive and well and doing it such justice. We had an awesome time and can't wait to see you again!
-Stacy D.

My friends and I saw your band at Longboard's last Saturday and loved you guys. We would very much like to hear you again so do you have a website with your calendar or can you tell me when and where your next gig is? You guys rock!!! Long live the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan!
Patricia A.

Your show last night at Patrick’s II was way too cool. The feeling that comes out of your music is undeniably deep, and I love coming to your shows. Nothing does it like SRV music, my all time favorite musical hero. My friend checked you out for the first time last night too, and man did she dig it. It would be great to get on your mailing list. I always look forward to your shows. I am sure SRV is glad you are keeping the feeling and music alive and personal. Music really is one of the best life experiences. A fan,
-Raanan B.

Alan and Crossfire,
You and the boys are HOT! (JJ's Blues Cafe on 17th June in San Jose, CA). I saw Stevie Ray three times; once at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and then once more before he died. My life has not been the same since he has been gone. But you gave to me the feeling of Stevie Ray once again. You have captured the essence of his talent and for that you are a lucky and gifted person. Kudos to you. Please let me know when your band is playing again in northern California.
You're the man,
-Jason C.

Words can't express how much last night meant to me. I have watched all of Stevie's DVD's out there over & over again, and have every CD of his I could ever find. He said he felt he was channeling Hendrix often, I felt you were channeling Stevie for me last night at Patrick’s. I stood in front of the stage when you did Voodoo Chile & was sooo blown away. I've been walking on air all day. You are awesome! I just found out you'll be at the Longboard in PB Friday night and I want to go more than anything. Like I said -- words can't express, but you and Stevie touch my soul and will
forever be in my heart. Thank you again for last night, I will never forget it.
-Kathy O.

We really enjoyed our evening at Patrick's. I've spent hundreds of dollars for concert tickets and never enjoyed a performance as much as yours. We have watched many, many hours of Stevie and Double Trouble on DVD, you and the band do it so well that watching Crossfire is like stepping back in time and experiencing an event I never was able to. You guys are great!! You will see us again......
- Alan S.

You guys were freakin awesome! It's true what they say...it's just like seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble live! I'm gonna have to say that your show was probably the greatest thing I've ever seen...Thank you so much for playing in San Francisco and I CAN NOT WAIT for you to come back to this area again...I can not stress enough how great the experience was...I'll never forget it that's for DAMN sure. Take Care,

I had to take a minute to tell you how great you guys were on Saturday at JJ's. I had been telling my son how impressed I was with your likeness of Stevie's music and finally had a chance to take him (finally 21). He had the opportunity to talk to you when you came around to the end of the bar. Thanks for being such an excellent musician, but more importantly for being an approachable person. Great show and you're a great person. We enjoyed it so much we are going to drive to LA to see ya again.....

Hi Alan,
Just wanted to say how much I loved your show at JJ's Blues in San Jose. My friend called me at the last minute to let me know that you and your band were in town. I was able to get the weekend off to come see you perform, I live in Lodi. I still can't find the words to say, except awesome! You have captured Stevie's spirit and his passion for what he so believed in. I never got the chance to see him live, so THANK YOU for bringing his music to those of us who never experienced him live and to remind those that did. You are very gifted and have great talent, so thank you again Alan for sharing that soul, spirit and passion with the rest of us. See you in June at JJ's.
-Gail B.

I wanted to thank you and your band for an awesome show. I could tell that you enjoyed playing for the sake of playing. Not too many cats like that. As a member of a band myself (blues harmonica and electric violin) and also having played at Cozy's myself, you were awe-inspiring. We will definitely come and see you when you are back in the LA area. My wife and our two friends (we were to your left - two rows from the front) were totally blown away. All the best for the new year to you and your band.
-David P.

I saw your first show at Cozy's by accident and I was truly blown away. I found out you were playing again at Cozy's for New Year's and came back to see you and I have to say the show was Killer! I was wondering if you'd be interested in playing a similar gig (Like Cozy's) in Chicago, and If so, how much money do you guys charge for a gig like that. I understand that you have a great responsibility in presenting your show and you do it with perfect authenticity, fantastic feel, and tremendous soul... All I can think about are all the other people who are missing out on your show... All the SRV fans, everyone who has never seen SRV " live" and all the people who never knew of SRV... You provide an incredible public service by keeping SRV's spirit alive, and demonstrate exactly why he was a true original and one of a kind. I would love to talk to you and share some ideas about playing in Chicago because I'm sure there are lots of people out there that would love to see your show, even if they don't know who you are...yet! Please also put me on your mailing list so I will hear about upcoming shows and bring LOTS OF PEOPLE to see CROSSFIRE !
-Jim L.

Hey Alan,
What a show! Stevie would be proud. You play the music with feeling. My son Ryan really enjoyed himself also. His words to me between sets were "Wow, he's the same as Stevie". The Hendrix set was great also - I could tell you enjoy playing him. Thanks for a fun night out. I'll catch you next time you're in LA. Thanks again and take care...

I saw you play at Patricks II in the Gaslamp on Friday the 28th. You guys knocked me on my A#@! I was never fortunate enough to see Stevie play when he was alive, but after watching DVD's and countless videos of him, some way back from Austin City Limits shows, I now feel like I have seen him - through your interpretation. I'm sure no one can compare to the man himself, but if he saw you holding court, he'd say "That Cat can play"! I'm checking your schedule, and looking forward to catching you at a future date. You guys were awesome on stage, very, very cool and approachable off stage, and just all around great guys to be in a room with. You guys take care, keep rockin', and we'll all keep smilin'...

-Collin L.

I just
wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the show last Friday at Cozy's. Please let me know the next time you are in the area....I want to be in the front row so I can watch you play up close next time!! I will definitely be in there for your next gig in Los Angeles. As an old time guitar player myself (I still have my 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb at home!), I just dream of playing guitar like you. In addition to having a really great time listening, visiting with you between sets was very cool and most appreciated. Take care...see you soon!
All the best,
-Terry M.

You were rockin' Friday night at Cozy's! I'm the tall red-head guy that talked with you about seeing Stevie live in '90. Remember me ? I want to see you guys again so please add me to the mailing list. You bring Stevie to life! That crowd was dancing and clapping and totally yours. It was one of those things, fateful, that I was there. I'll tell you the whole story.... I've been a Stevie Ray Vaughan lover since the first time I heard him play Pride & Joy. I was blessed to hear him jam with B.B. King in the summer of 1990. Alan Iglesias brings Stevie back to life, with all the love for the music and the man. Crossfire is tight and right. Thank you, Alan & Crossfire, for bringing my man back and tugging on my heart.
Shea Kerry, Producer. Alpine Pictures, Inc.

The show was great, and your guitar playing was amazing, I was just really tired as I get up at 4AM M-F and I went to an awards ceremony at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood Thursday night so didn't get to bed until after midnite so was running on about 3 1/2 hours sleep. But the show was incredible and I stayed until the very end and will bring all my friends next time you play at Cozy's. I will make sure to tell Steve and Morris to bring you guys back! Keep the house a rockin'!
-Rod G.

You guys really blew me away tonight at Cozy's. I hope you come back this way again. Thanks again for a great show.
Sincerely, Danny

Just heard you at Julian and you were fantastic!!!!!! Where can I get your cd's? Wow!!!!
-Tom R.

We saw your show last night, June 4th at JJ's in San Jose and I must say I was impressed, I usually know if a show had an impact on me if I'm thinking about it enthusiatically the next day, First of all you guys are killer players Secondly, you have alot of courage to do a Stevie tribute because, as you very well know, Stevie is one of the most revered, respected, copied, and loved guitar players of recent memory.
I would go to one of your shows again and bring my musician buddies with me - I enjoyed it a lot.
Being a gigging guitar player myself and very entrenched in the Trower, Hendrix, Stevie School of Strat, Alan you're a great player man! I know it takes alot of hard work to get the tone, licks , nuances of Stevie's style, no easy feat for sure but to come across as honestly as you do was what impressed me the most, it's obvious you guys are trying and you are doing it right! And remember, Stevie himself got alot of criticism for doing Albert King and Hendrix, so you can't plese everyone - I personally saw SRV about 6-7 times, the first in 1983 right after the release of Texas Flood at the 'Stone' in San Francisco - the last show being his tour with Jeff Beck in Oakland so I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on SRV.
Tell your drummer his snare was awesome man and of course the bass was solid as a rock. Please take my comments from someone who also constantly strives to get better, but you guys overall are the real deal man... All I can say to you guys is 'Keep the Flame alive.'

I just wanted to send a quick message to tell you and the band how much we enjoyed the show that you played at JJ's in February. We are looking forward to seeing you again in June. I have told all my friends that are into great music about the band and the show. I will encourage them to come to the show as well. Thank you so much for entertaining us with your talent. George and I still talk about what a dynamic individual and performance your band gave to us and everyone else that night. All I kept saying was WOW WHAT A PERFORMANCE WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK? It has been quite some time to see someone soooo talented! We are truly looking forward to seeing you in June! Please put us on your Email list.

-Ayrnn A.

Hello Alan,
Ever since I saw you and Crossfire at di Piazza's last Thursday night, I have had this feeling that Stevie still lives. You have made me very happy and I can't wait to see and hear you and Crossfire play again.

Thanks, Sharon

As you know from my ranting and ravings on music, I LOVE Stevie Ray Vaughan. I probably own every CD he has out - Best of, Remix of, Digital re mix of, etc. If they release a new song, I run out and buy the CD. Since Stevie Ray departed this earth way too early, who knows how much more wonderful music he could have produced. Last night I attended a blues benefit for the Marines food bank. It was hosted by a group of local blues musicians, and billed as "INVITED GUESTS". There was a gentleman there named Alan Iglesias. Alan's entire show is Stevie Ray.
I have seen other bands play tributes -
I have seen Beatlemania
I have seen Steely "Damned"
I have seen Jimmie Vaughan
I have seen Kenny Wayne Shepherd
I have seen just about every knock-off group tribute there is.
Alan doesnt play Stevie Ray - Alan becomes Stevie Ray.
If you get a chance, go SEE HIM - YOU WONT BE SORRY!
God Bless Stevie Ray Vaughan
-Bill Y.

I saw you for the first time a few weeks ago at the Hard Rock Cafe in La Jolla. I ended up winning a DVD that night, but I was so impressed with your tone and sound that I went out and bought a SRV Stratocaster and a ’76 Super Reverb, all on e-Bay. I am a player and I guess a collector of stuff. I had question on your guitar setup. What kind of strings do you use, and what is the spacing from the strings are your pickups set at? It was a very good show.
-Terry A.

Hi Alan,
Loved your show Friday night at Fat Katz. Especially enjoyed your arrangement of “Hideaway”. Your band does the best job of emulating SRV’s sound – the experience is truly moving! I watch in total amazement at your ability to replicate Stevie’s phrasing, style, touch and tone. I’ll definitely come to Patricks or LaJolla – and I’m gonna bring my guitar teacher this time. I keep telling him about you and he wants to see you guys play. Looking forward to seeing you guys next time.
-Larry C.

Hi Alan,
Although at first I was skeptical; anyone can recreate the "Vegas Elvis" caricature, but SRV??? That takes real talent (not to mention "huevos!"). You done good, kid! ! Actually, my original comment to the guy sitting next to me was more along the lines of, Holy $#*^... If I was drinking something more serious than grapefuit juice tonight, I'd swear I was looking at a ghost!" Looks-wise, you resemble Doyle Bramhall II more than SRV, and your voice lacks the Texas twang, but overall, you've managed to nail the essence of Stevie rather than trying to clone his recordings note for note. Thanks for taking what must be countless hours of rehearsal time to learn all the intricacies of so many of Stevie's songs...One instrumental (Riviera Paradise)...was so eerily close to the soul of SRV that when I closed my eyes, I was transported back to the early 80's when Stevie used to play in small Texas venues similar to Fat Katz. Your SRV take on Hendrix's "Red House" was wonderful too. Three sets of my favorite music...Wow!
-Lorinda P.

Hey Alan,
Liz and I want to thank you for doing what you do so well. Playing the music, the stage presence, the whole show was great! Thanks for being so kind with your words. You are definitely a showman. The band is tight - the drummer, the bassist; I know we sometimes forget those guys...The drummer is awesome! We will see you in the future; we might even surprise you by showing up at a show down south....In the meantime take care of yourself.
-Scott D.

Hi Alan!
It was great to meet you and witness your performance at JJ's Blues Club in San Jose this past Saturday night. Having not heard you play live before, I just wanted to pass on my "personal review" of that evening:
1. First, your photos on the website do not do you any justice. You are quite handsome in person (stop blushing!).
2. The moment you played the first note you transformed into a guitar virtuoso! All I saw was Stevie himself. Not to sound too cliche but you played your guitar as though making love to a woman. Wow!
3. After your first set, Lorraine asked what I thought...I just looked at her! It takes alot to leave me speechless and you did just that!
5. The drummer and bass player are excellent musicians and you all compliment each other.
Please come back to the bay area! And if I'm ever down in S.Calif, I'll make it a point to see you perform.

In '90 I was fortunate enough to see Stevie for the first and only time in NH, 2 shows before he died. I have once again seen the soul of the man who changed my life 14 yrs ago. Since that time my guitar style has changed slightly, but has never really strayed too far from roots of Hendrix and Stevie. After seeing you Sat. night I have once again remembered why I play the music I play, and saw the lasting effect Stevie and his influences have had on guitar players like you and I. Thanks for an inspirational show.

-Dave H.

Awesome show last night, you really had the people grooving! Plus it was great to finally meet you in person after the first set/show! I've told alot of my guitar friends about how good your SRV band is, and now they plan on checking you guys out soon too! Peace,


You are awesome brother. I walked in right when you were being introduced. What a show buddy. I feel like I'm seeing Stevie in person again when I watch and listen to you. It brings me such joy I almost giggle with delight dude. I loved it... I was with a lady friend who had a curfew so we only stayed one hour. I look forward to the next show so I can make it too. Keep it up!!! I know Stevie is out there somewhere feeling proud for what you are doing! Take a bow buddy.
Gary Seiler

WOW!!! I saw you last nite (I was right in front of the stage) and I told you that if Stevie Ray were looking down on you he would have been proud as hell. I really meant that...After reading your interview, I think I'm one more person who can validate you and the tribute you are doing for Stevie Ray. I couldn't imagine ANYONE having any objections to what you are trying to do with this tribute. I think one of the things I gleaned out of your performance was the respect that you show to Stevie. Also, you really do play from the heart like he did. Nobody can fake that. PLEASE put me on your email list. I want to know when you're in the area. I am telling my friends about you. I wish you all the luck, success and happiness in the world. You are extremely talented, (and so is your band, for that matter), and I think you're doing something really great.
-Lorraine L.

I have never seen any tributes that were any more complete in sound and feel...Thanks for a great time.
-Nick Nascimento, CEO, Black lion Entertainment Inc.

I (wanted) to tell you that you're totally incredible - I stayed for the first set on Friday night - I loved SRV and couldn't believe it when I saw the ad in The Reader for your show. I wanted to tell you on Friday, but you had a long line of well-wishers. When will you be there again, I've got people who want to see you! Thanks...
-Mary M.

Just wanted to again say how impressed my wife and I were with your performance at Fat Katz on Friday night. We had the privilege to see Stevie and DT perform a couple times out here in San Diego. You and your band are keeping the spirit of his performances alive and allowing those who never had the chance that we did to get the feeling of awe that overcame us all when he lit up his guitar and brought his music to life.
-Bruce S.

Just saw Crossfire at Sweetwater, and was I in awe!!! Now I need to see them again (and again, and again....). So, please put me on your email list to let me know when they will be back here again or in my area (Bay Area, San Anselmo). Keep it up Alan, you are great!
-Dana Ewell

Alan, John, Eric and Steve,
My friend Rick and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have found your band and even luckier that you guys play a lot of dates in and around San Diego. We were at Blues Bash 5 and I had tears in my eyes at the conclusion of Little Wing. It just doesn't get any better than that! We also came early and stayed late at Fat Katz. We were rewarded with the best LIVE music to be found ANYWHERE! Rick and I are now looking forward to seeing you play at Victor's, the place we first saw you RIPPIN'IT UP. We will be singing your praises and spreading the word about A. I. and Crossfire. Stay safe on the road and we'll see you soon.
God Bless,
-James D.

I saw you play for the first time at the Julian Blues Bash. You were so awesome, I had to go to Encinitas to see you play again. I'll keep my eye on your schedule and come see you whenever you are playing in San Diego county. Thank you, thank you, thank you for filling my SRV void.
-David E.,
San Diego

Man you were on fire tonight!!!! Thanks for a great show we enjoyed it very much!
-Jacques C.

Hey Alan,
Great show on Friday. I have never heard better. You are a true inspiration to all guitar players.
Darren P.

Hello Crossfire,
Just a quick message to say that although I wasn't fortunate enough to see Stevie while he was alive, I feel as though I have after seeing your show at Fat Katz in Encinitas last Friday night. I was totally awestruck how closely you've reproduced his unique style. I don't see how any of that could be attributed to practicing and studying. It really seemed to just come from within the soul. Stevie would be very proud. Thanks and hope to see you on July 25th.
-Brenda B.

Hi Alan,
Thank you for a great Friday night! Incredible music, great guitar work, fantastic sound... your Stevie Ray Vaughan covers would do him proud. Mix in a little Jimi for good measure, hell, it was a great show. Props to you, the band, and especially your guitar man for a great performance all around!
-Mike S.

Hi Alan!
Please put me on your mailing list. I love the music! Thanks! I wanted to write and tell you how much my friend and I enjoyed your show at the Cannibal bar a couple of weeks ago. I've been to all three of them this year. You guys went off big time!! I love Stevie's and Jimi's music and I know so many other people do too.
-James U.

We just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you VERY much for coming out and playing our benefit Friday! Also, I personally wanted extend my sincerest appreciation to you all for playing an extra set! You wouldn't believe how many people I overheard talking about it much less the ones that made it a point to tell us in person how much they loved it!!! Thank you again!!
-Teri S. VVMC

Please place my name on your email list. let me know when you do any of your shows in southern California. I was at your show at the Catamaran and it was awesome, play again in San Diego real soon.
-Darren M.

My name is Billy and I am the friend of John Simons who was asking about your setup. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks as I think it is very cool of you to share that sort of information. Your website is also pretty sweet. I have seen you perform once at Buffalo Joe's, I think it was John's first performance with Crossfire. I think what your doing is most admirable to be gifted enough to recreate the legend of Stevie Ray music. Your ability and dedication to recreate the tones and licks are amazing and on the money. I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie Ray perform 3 times and each one was very special experience. Keep up the great job and hopefully I can go to the next show.
-Billy M.

It was a pleasure to open for a such a class act. You guys know how to rock a house. Stevie would be proud.
-Lance D -- D.A. and the Hitmen

It was nice meeting you Friday night and we really enjoyed your playing. Thanks for the great show. Please let us know when you will be playing again. We want to spread the news and bring some more people the next time. Thanks again.
-Dan and Jan D.

I saw Crossfire at Victors on the Bay February 7th, and was just blown away by the band's talent and music. Alan is an incredible guitarist! I would like to know if there is any type of list to be put on to be notified when upcoming concerts will be. Thank you so much!
-Jeremy F.

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