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From January 21st thru the 24th 2004, Crossfire appeared in the Stars lounge at the Las Vegas Tuscany Hotel and Casino
. The band had a great time and looks forward to many return visits. Las Vegas is full of SRV fans and Crossfire wants to play for all of 'em! We wanted to put this page together so that folks who didn't make it out there could get a feel for the good time we had, and also to pay tribute to the folks that did party with us up there.

Many thanks to Jim Dixon, Rick Allen, and Steve Burns for all the great photography.

For video of the band shot in Vegas, click HERE.

I-15 North...heading toward the San Bernardino mountains.

What we saw when we pulled in...

Stars Lounge from the Casino - our home away from home for 4 days.

A shot of the stage.

Left to right, Scott Konnagan and Deby Williams;
Patti and Rick Allen - all made the trip up from San Diego.

Good, clean fun.

San Diego contractor Dave "K" Konstantin and Stevie Ray Vaughan memorabilia
collector extrordinaire Doug Green take a moment with Alan between sets.

Eric makin' it happen.

Jim Dixon and Rob Martin, both up from San Diego,
flank Rob (center), a new friend made that week in Vegas.

John gettin' down to it.

Is this how you're supposed to play this thing?

Dave, our bartender who took such good care of us all week.
This guy could really flip those shakers around - a showman
in his own right!

Dave K and Ruby Konstantin hanging with their friends
from Las Vegas, Tre and Greg Sedminic.

Obligatory dressing room shot -- Alan gets his hat on straight.

Lessee those fingers...ouch!

This was Brian -- the Roulette dealer just outside of the lounge doors.
Thank God he liked the music 'cause it was probably a little loud where he was.

The view from the sound board...

You could actually see the band through these windows to the Casino.

On the floor---again!

Patti and Rick with Dave K as the boys show off their official Crossfire hats

Time to go and Guitar Tech Steve Burns gets ready to button up the SUV.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the page.
Hope to see you in Las Vegas sometime in the future!

-Alan, Eric, and John

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