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Alan would like you to know that due to health issues, all current bookings are canceled. He is working to overcome these challenges and hopes to perform again for you one day soon. All healing vibes are appricated!

Love of the blues. Love of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The love of re-creating a feeling that so many enjoyed -- and so many missed. These are the things that drove the creation of Crossfire, a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band that strives to capture the essence of a Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble concert with authenticity, respect, and yes, love.

Anyone who was ever fortunate enough to experience Stevie and Double Trouble's driving blues-rock in concert will never forget the way they played together live. Playing blues rock since the 60's, Alan Iglesias draws from a wealth of SRV musical history and knowledge as well as his own life experience to faithfully reproduce the famed Texas "thundershuffle" and perform each show ever-mindful of the tremendous responsibility that he do his very best to bring back as much of the original experience as he possibly can, every time he takes the stage.

"I gotta tell you......this guy does the best full-on 'SRV effect' I have seen and heard to date. Plays the hits, the obscure, the bootleg stuff. (Yes - I've seen the genuine article live 6 times) His show is a credible, tour-quality act! Highly recommended."
-Barney Roach
Southland Blues Magazine

"Alan Iglesias and his band Crossfire have put together a forceful restoration of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble. Back turned, listening at the bar, it's not hard at all to believe it's really SRV himself -- Iglesias' guitar performance is dead on in all areas from tone to attack. Crossfire is a hard-driving combo with no small detail left out.
-Dave Good
San Diego Reader

"He's got the wide-brimmed Gaucho hat. He's got the soul patch. He's got the flowing shirts. He's got the beat-up strat, with the fading, peeling SRV decal. Most of all, Alan Iglesias has got the chops, and some mighty fierce ones at that."
-Richard Montenegro Brown
Imperial Valley Press

"Stevie Ray Vaughan may be long gone, but his spirit and his music live on. Alan Iglesias was motivated to form the tribute simply for the love of the music that Vaughan and Double Trouble created during their too-brief tenure. The band captures the essence of the late guitarist’s sound and recreates it with an authenticity and sense of respect second to none. This is the Real Deal."
-John Sollenberger
Pasadena Weekly
"SRV's music will always set the standard for Blues guitarists, and Alan is right on the money! The first time I saw his show, I was blown away. Being a guitarist myself, my ear can be very critical, but I closed my eyes, and wow ...there were those licks again...floating, cutting through the air, alive again, and it was magic!"
-Robb Bower
Robb Bower
"Alan Iglesias is an amazing guitar player who literally channels the spirit and image of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. From his Fender Stratocaster to his perfect vocal delivery, Iglesias portrays the guitar giant at his Texas best, doing perfect versions of every SRV hit as well as plenty of lesser-known tunes."

Subscribe to the Crossfire Mailing List - Click Here

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